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Digital tax-free shopping for your store

Would you like to offer hassle free in-store VAT refunds to your overseas customers? Are you already participating in the Retail Export Scheme but do not like dealing with the extra admin, queues, and manual processes? Do you need to improve customer flow during COVID-19 by reducing time spent issuing tax refund forms at the till?

How does it work?

Airvat’s technology can help you effortlessly offer tax-free shopping to tourists. VAT refunds are processed by the tourists themselves using Airvat’s mobile app, eliminating any administrative involvement for retailers. It is as simple as requesting and displaying the Airvat sticker on the till in your store, to prompt the tourists to download the app!

International customers download the Airvat app and take pictures of their till receipts within the app. We verify the eligible purchases and issue a digital tax refund form to the customers. The tax refund form is then authorised by UK Customs at the departure airport. The tourist will receive the VAT refund electronically from Airvat using their preferred payment method.

More advanced integration and partnership options via our open API are also available.

About us

Airvat ltd is a pioneering British tax-refund operator that allows international travellers to the UK refund VAT on their personal shopping. Airvat’s technology has simplified and automated the refund process, improving tourists’ tax-free shopping experience and reducing fees by over 50%. This operating model is in line with HMRC’s “Making Tax Digital'' strategy.

Start offering next generation VAT refund service that your customers will love and Tweet about!