Tax-Free Shopping in France and Northern Ireland (UK)

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tax-free shopping in France with the Airvat tax refund apptax-free shopping in France with the Airvat tax refund app

Save over 13% in any online or physical store!

How does it work?

1. Request Invoices

Purchase receipts or retailer’s own tax-free forms are not accepted. You must specifically request shops to issue business invoices (or “facture” in French) addressed to Airvat before making purchases. WarningImportant: read invoicing instructions.

2. Upload Invoices

Take full clear pictures of your Airvat invoices each time you make a purchase in any online or physical store. We will combine all of your Airvat invoices from different stores into a single digital tax-free form.

Upload VAT refund invoice for tax-free shopping in France with the Airvat tax refund app

3. Generate Barcode

Finished shopping? Generate your Airvat tax refund form in the app before your departure. Make sure that you have all your shopping items still unused and ready for a Customs inspection.

Airvat app Pablo kiosk in France

4. Validate your refund

Scan Airvat tax-free form’s barcode from your phone at any self-service Customs kiosks located in French international airports and train stations, including Calais Eurotunnel and ferry port.

scan tax-free form barcode at Pablo tax refund kiosk in France

5. Get paid electronically

No more lost or missing refunds! Select how you wish to be paid and track the status of your refund in the app. We will never charge your card - our peace of mind guarantee!

Airvat app screen listing different VAT refund payment options

Cheaper and easier VAT refunds!

Cheaper tax refund for tourists with the airvat tax refund app

Get more tax back

No minimum spend, hidden fees, or foreign currency charges

tax free for online shopping and physical stores with the airvat tax refund app

Works in any store

Receive over 13% cash back in any online or physical store

claiming tax back at the airport with the airvat tax refund app

Simple digital process

Combine all your shopping from different stores into one refund claim

VAT refund calculator

Use our VAT refund calculator to see how much you can save as a tourist on your tax-free shopping in France or Northern Ireland (UK). Learn more here about how your VAT refund is calculated.

Airvat calculate amount
Airvat calculate vat
Airvat calculate refund